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Our first rc rally!

At Saturday 24.3.2018 our team went in our first rc rally. In our team are me and my brother. Because it is our first race we were very nervous. We thought that our car is ready, but it was big misstake. After Shakedown we changed our tyre. Tarmac was very slippery and on a few sections was gravel.  One of sections was on artificial grass. There was lot of sand. At 10:00 first driver stared to first stage. We start at 37:00 and 38:00. We had to cross the bridge before we started, and that problem for my Brother. In the first stage he fell down and broke the two posts that held the body, so he could not continue in stage. I complite first stage on 37. place from 41.

In second stage Brother had almoust the same problem again fell down from bridge. But now he could continue. When i went to the finish i sew his 20 meter after start and he was very slow. He had bad REV on his remote controle so when he turned to right car went to left. It was a problem from first stage. The rest of the race was done without major complications. At last stage I even was 32.place. Brother didnt cought up his losss and finished 38th overall. I was 5 place above him in the 33rd overall. In our galery are some pics.

We are looking forward to 7.4.2018. At this date is next rc rally race. I hope that we will be better and faster then first.

All race we went with our Wheel, it was the last test for me. No Wheel was lost so i am very satisfied. Now we work to make now typ of Wheel and i hope that we will drive with it at 7.4.

See you soon.

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